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  • Board Certified M.D.s Practitioners

    Our Doctors are NYS Board Certified, Licensed, Experienced, Gynecologists

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Our Doctors are NYS Board Certified, Licensed, Experienced, Gynecologists

Bronx Abortion is dedicated to delivering the highest quality care to women of all ages. Abortions up to 24 weeks are provided by board-certified gynecologists, anesthesiologists, nurse practitioners, CRNAs, registered nurses and professional counselors, who have years of experience in Women's Health Care.

Our AAAASF Approved 2070 Eastchester Road facility

Our 2070 Eastchester Road facility is one of the finest Women’s Health Care offices in the country, certified by the American Association for the Certification of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities.

Our outpatient surgical facility meets hundreds of patient safety initiatives that ensure and enhance safe abortion procedures. From the moment you walk into our office you are welcomed by experienced, caring professionals who are trained in abortion safety.

Trained Abortion Counselors

Patients receive individualized professional counseling which includes birth control information. Female counselors, trained in women's health, answer all questions and discuss any personal issues surrounding a patient's decision.


Our professional medical care does not end when you leave the office. A telephone HOTLINE is always open to all our patients 24/7.

Detailed information regarding the HOTLINE and AFTER-CARE instructions are given to you along with their post procedure medication and instructions for use.

Patients are advised to return to their referring OB GYN for their follow up examination two or three weeks after the procedure. If you do not have this care available, the examination is offered at no extra charge.



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